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  • "Advanced Fingering Techniques" Sneak Preview Video Clip
    $97.00 Value (Top Secret Sneak Peak At The Skills Taught In Level 2 )

  • 2 Video Set Sexual Arousal Accelerator - Sexual Energy Massage
    $97.00 Value
    • Vol 1. Sexual Energy Massage - Stimulating Her From The Front
    • Vol 2. Sexual Energy Mass - Stimulating Her From The Back

  • 3 CD Secrets of the Romantic Hero - 3 Volume Crash Course
    $97.00 Value
    • Vol 1. Fudamentals - "Traits That Turn Women On"
    • Vol 2. How To Be A Romantic Hero
    • Vol 3. Bedroom Escalation and Multiple Women Managment

  • The 2 CD Ten Sexual Strategies Audio And The Ultimate Oral Sex Technique Audio Crash Course - $67.00 Value

  • The 2 CD Secret Orgasm Tips Interview With The Master
    $67.00 Value
  • The 45-Page Transcription Of The Interview
    $47.00 Value
  • Secrets For Creating Maximum Sexual Experience (123 page eBook)
    $47.00 Value
  • Master Keys For Maximum Sexual Arousal eBook
    $37.00 Value
  • Kama Sutra eBook
    47.00 Value
  • 101 Romantic Tips eBook (great ideas for romance)
    $67.00 Value
  • Guide To Oral Sex (written by a woman for men!)
    $27.00 Value
  • How To Make Love All Night (Male Multiple Orgasms And Other Secrets For Prolonged Lovemaking) $47.00 Value
  • All About Penis Enlargement (a no-nonsense guide to making your penis bigger) - $67.00 Value
  • The Secret To Having Great Sex Everytime (The recipe for having great sex all the time) $37.00 Value
  • The Soul Mate Manifesto (Ever wanted to know how to find your soul mate? Now you can!) $47.00 Value
  • The Art Of Oral Sex (Oral sex secrets that will drive a woman wild)
    $27.00 Value
  • Ultimate Penis Enlargement Guide (All you ever needed to know about making your penis bigger, but were afraid to ask!)
    $67.00 Value
  • Self Hypnosis CD (47 minute MP3 audio to help personal change)
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  • Understanding The G Spot and Female Sexuality
    $49.00 Value

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