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How Many Ways Can A Woman Orgasm?

How many ways can a woman orgasm?

What a great question.

But Maybe a better question is in
what ways CAN'T a woman orgasm.

But I digress.

Today's questions is from Lee who writes...

"Hello David, I have a question for you, well actually its more of a clear up
than any thing. I remember you saying that women can have an orgasm by
one of 2 ways,
but some times it sounds as if your saying that there are 3 ways.

One is by playing with the clit, the other is from the G-spot.

But in one of your other posts, you comment on a vaginal orgasm, so is
there actually a 3rd way or is this just a slip of words?

As I am planning to try and stimulate every kind of part that would
give my woman an orgasm, such as sucking on her clit and rubbing her
with my fingers, but if there is another way or place, please tell me/us


Truth be told, knowing what I know about women and their ability to orgasm,
I sometimes have a hard time believing that so many woman never get the
orgasms the so desperately crave.

Women can have an orgasm in ways that would boggle most mens minds.
But to
simplify it for right now.

Female Orgasm Can Be Divided Into Three Major Categories
(Bare in mind this is my distinction only, other sources may differ)

It goes something like this...

Clitoral - Pretty Self Explanatory


Within that category of vaginal orgasms fall the following -

  • G-Spot
  • Deep spot
  • Squirting
  • Anal (anal falls into this category because it is
    achieved by stimulating the g-spot from a different
    angle through the anus)

Other - The orgasms in this category can be brought about through
means other than those mentioned above, many of them have a high
degree of mental/emotional energy that serves as the driving force
behind them.

For example
  • Kissing Orgasm
  • Breast/Nipple Orgasms
  • Hypnotic Orgasm (Orgasm on command)

Honestly that is just scratching the surface of the "Other" category.

In Level Three
of Secret Orgasm Tips We will delve much more
deeply into the art and science of
sexual conditioning a woman so
that she literally will ORGASM ON COMMAND!

But in essence the number of different ways to bring a woman to
orgasm is directly
dependent on what skill-sets you have at your
disposal, AND the propensities and
inclinations of the woman your
playing with.

To put it more plainly it depends on how skilled a lover you are,
what she likes and
is turned on by, and How Suggestible/Responsive
She Is To YOU.

Great Question, Thats one of the reasons why I love the
"Forbidden Secrets" System I teach in Secret Orgasm Tips because it
gives a man the ability to access the FULL Range of Female Orgasmic

A Master of SOT can literally make a woman orgasm just by telling her
to do so.

But you have to start with the foundation taught in
Level One of Secret Orgasm Tips first

Because if you can't get your woman aroused
enough to orgasm in the
first place, its virtually impossible to tap into the higher levels of orgasmic
conditioning taught later on
... Make Sense?

So when your ready to learn secrets most men will NEVER KNOW About How
To Give Women Mind Altering Orgasms

Then I highly Recommend you check out
Secret Orgasm Tips.

Hope that helps you.


David V.


Blogger gavrancia said...

I am actually a woman and although I just read that you believe that it is hard to believe that women do not find the "orgasms that they desperately craves" I want to say that I actually do believe that because I am one of them. I am literally temped to believe that I am frigid and may just never feel an emotion as high as my mind desires...
To this end, I was wondering if you have any means to help women such as myself? To put it simply, what in the world is wrong with me?

12:47 PM  
Blogger Derrik Scott said...

You know, it is most often not the girl with the issues, but the guy. Most guys think all wrong, when it comes to sex and a woman's pleasure. How? They go into your bed, with their one, single ejaculation at the forefront of their mind, and when that happens, which can be very quickly unfortunately for the pretty girl, it is all over. Has she even orgasmed yet? Hopefully. What a guy needs to be thinking, is FOREPLAY, then after that, a nice, slow-paced session, with HER pleasure in mind. THIS will help her to orgasm more, and the more he hears her, the more it helps him. I don't think its you, but him. And if he really loves you, he will accept this and want to change his thinking so that you can start experiencing the joys you deserve to have in your bed-chamber.

5:55 AM  
Blogger spainward said...


I agree with Derrik that the guy can play a big role in helping a woman to orgasm, but I am also a woman with a lot of experience on this matter. I had my first orgasm when I was 21 with a man. A big problem, needless to say, was that I didn't mastrabate, which was related to my upbringing, so it made me very orgasmically-challenged. I started to have orgasms just from rubbing my pelvis against my partner, kinda like dry sex, but not dry and not clothed! After that relationship ended, with very unpredictable orgasm events, and no control over orgasming or not, I engaged in sexual activity with new partners with very little orgasm success. So with great intention and motivation, I began mastrabating and a girlfriend gave me very good advice: try all different positions, angles, places, etc. So I did... now what worked for me won't necessarily work for you, but the best thing has been on my stomach, lying down pretty straight and somehow, the way I move, and using my fingers, and the pressure I can get seem to be the perfect equation. My orgasm ability has slowly become more predictable; by myself, I can always orgasm; with a partner, it was spotty for some time, until I hooked up with a tantric master. Now fast-forward a decade and I am highly orgasmic. I can respond much more similarly to a male response, i.e., I can come almost on demand, but MY demand, not the man's; don't get me wrong, a bad lover can prevent me from orgasm, but more often it is about my own mind state, if I'm comfortable with my partner, etc. And all of these orgasm tips, etc won't make the girl comfortable and that is a huge factor when you are talking about gals having orgasms during partner sex. So, gavrancia, don't look for the perfect guy to give you an orgasm, that is mythology. Work on it yourself and when you meet a guy who is attentive and cares for you, all the chips will fall into place. Good luck!

1:45 PM  

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