Friday, September 22, 2006


by David Van Arrick

I love my job!

Truly I do.

I can not think of a more fun and exciting topic to talk about all day long than the art of lovemaking.

Today's question comes from Jonathan who writes...

Dear David...
What intercourse positions provide the most likelihood of
producing female orgasm?
I understand fully well that it is rare for a woman
to have a vaginal orgasm without stimulation to the clit...
(wondering if it
is possible without clit stimulation?)

Dear Jonathan,

Yes, it is absolutely possible for a woman to achieve vaginal orgasm without clitoral stimulation.
But I don't think that is exactly what you're asking. I believe, and correct me if I am wrong here, that you want to know if it is possible to give a woman an orgasm during intercourse WITHOUT direct clitoral stimulation.

You see, there are profound differences between a vaginal orgasm and a clitoral orgasm...
And most vaginal orgasms are NOT evoked through clitoral stimulation.
The good news is the answer to your question is still a resounding YES!Giving a woman an orgasm during intercourse without clitoral stimulation is actually sometimes easier than giving her one WITH clitoral stimulation.

Ask any woman who has ever orgasmed from the rear-entry position (or more commonly referred to as the doggy-style position) and you will confirm this very quickly.
The key to non-clitoral orgasms during intercourse comes down to several factors-
1. Position2. Angle 3. Intensity of sexual arousal.

The primary targets for giving a woman a non-clitoral vaginal orgasm is the G-spot. Now, in order to activate the G-spot you have to select a position that allows your penis to continuously stimulate your woman's G-spot at the proper angle.

There are a couple positions that work really well for this.

You can use a modified missionary position where you prop your woman's buttocks and hips high enough to allow you to insert your penis upward and inward at about a forty five degree angle.

This will allow you to directly stimulate her G-spot with your penis.

You can use the rear entry position which has the advantage of being able to slide the length of your penis along the G-spot.And if your a little more acrobatic, you can also position your body more so that you can stimulate the G-spot from an up to down motion,which is the reverse of the modified missionary position, which gives a downward to upward type of stimulation.

You can also use what I call the "side mount" position, which is a little too involved to explain here.

So the good news is that YES, it absolutely is possible to give a woman an orgasm during intercourse without clitoral stimulation!

The bad news is most folks probably won't be able to do it even using the proper positions and angles.

Wanna know why?

The G-spot is a slow-burning, high-explosive pleasure center!
Now what exactly do I mean by that?

The G-spot takes a much longer time to reach its boiling point than the clitoris does.
In other words, it takes a much more intense and prolonged level of sexual arousal to get the G-spot ready for orgasm.

Now the good news is once the G-spot is primed and ready for orgasm, each subsequent orgasm will be more intense and come faster than the one before it.

If you try to give your woman a G-spot orgasm before she's ready you are more than likely going to reach orgasm yourself and ejaculate long before your woman reaches climax.
This is why in book two I teach you that you should never ever go for intercourse until you have given your woman at least three orgasms!

This is golden Rule of Three!

And you should never try to give her an orgasm until you have worked her into a true sexual frenzy of lust using all the Sexual Arousal Techniques I teach in Secret Orgasm Tips!

That is an iron clad rule that I absolutely live by!

Using the super-powerful techniques and strategies I teach Secret Orgasm Tips, you will have your woman begging to feel your penis inside her and lusting for you to bring her to orgasm in every possible way shape and form!

She will want you in ways that defy description!

You see, most men really want to give their women the nuclear powered orgasms during intercourse that she's been dreaming about.

Unfortunately the vast majority of men think the key to achieving that level of orgasm is simply thrusting longer, stronger and harder with the end result being...

The Man Cums and the Woman Doesn't!

As I have said many many times before most of the problems you will face in your road to sexual mastery will have a lack of intense sexual arousal at the very root of the issue.

My belief (and my experiences have born this out) is that as a man develops his ability to tease and please a woman's body, he also develops the ability to intensify the non-physical connection between himself and his partner which also amplifies sexual arousal and ultimately pleasure.

This in turn makes both partners more sexually responsive to one another and that means your woman will achieve more orgasms faster and faster.

But if you're SERIOUS about experiencing mind-blowing pleasure in the bedroom, you simply MUST get my Secret Orgasm Tips course.

There is no other course in the world like it.

Download Secret Orgasm Tips Now!

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Until Next Time...

Your Friend and Loyal Sex Coach
David Van Arrick


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