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The Fastest Most Powerful Way To Sensational Orgasms!

Dear Friends,

It's to good to be back with you again sharing some of the best stuff I have learned for making your love life the most sexually rewarding and empowering experience of you life. Today's question is as much for the ladies in our list (and there are quite a few) as it is for the men.

Pay very special attention because much of this applies to either gender whether you are the giver or the receiver.

Today's question is from Madison, who writes...

Dear David,

Hey! ... The question I would like to know is how to get an orgasm, it’s so hard for me and I try all the time but I still haven’t found the right way that works the best.

May 23, 2006 - 9:47:17 PMmadison (

Dear Madison,

There are a huge number of factors that play into anyones ability to achieve orgasm and of course its impossible to cover the vast majority of them here. The good news is that many of those factors can be summed up in just one phrase.

Lack of sexual arousal.

You see even though I teach hundreds of techniques and concept that will bring any woman to screaming climaxes multiple times in just a few minutes, none of that will happen unless you can bring your woman maximum sexual arousal.

Give any woman enough arousal and you can simply "suggest" she have an orgasm ( I do this all the time by the way) and she will cum like gangbusters, and be hungry for more!

In fact I deliberatly don't teach that technique, to beginners because it turns women into sexually starved velociraptors addicted to you like crack!

Now the key to creating maximum sexual arousal lies in something I call the orgasmic equation. The orgasmic equation looks like this...

O = D+A

Translate that as:
Orgasm = Desire + Arousal,

Desire Being the Mental/emotional component and Arousal being the physical emotional component.

The more you have of either one of these components, the less you necessarily need of the other, when you can build both simultaneously you have a grade A recipe for the most nuclear powered sexual experience imaginable.

But of course the question becomes...

How do we actually amplify those components of the Orgasmic Equation. Well I cover the Arousal parts of equation very thoroughly in Secret Orgasm Tips. You should already be familiar with those concepts, if not you can get it here.

The other aspect of the orgasmic equation is the desire element. Now this element is much more elusive but I do give you some awsome ways to amplify any womans desire level to the point where she is literally in a sexually induced trance state that frees her to experience full body multiple orgasms on a level that she has never experienced before.

The majority of those concepts are included in a soon to be released addition to the Secret Orgasm Tips series. But for now, let me give you the single and most powerful way to amplify your desire. That ability can be summed up in one word as well...

Are you ready?

Are you sure?

I can't hear you...

Okay okay I will stop messing with...

Single biggest way to bring women to orgasm, is simply...


Now I know everyone in the vicinity of this post just had their brains come to a screeching halt!
Damn you Van Arrick!
You kept me waiting all this time just to tell me that the fastest way to get a woman to orgasm is to give her a fantasy?


The most powerful sexual organ human beings possess is right between their ears.

Its called the Brain! or more specifically the Mind. This newsletter is getting dangerously long but you all deserve an explanation so I will be brief.

The most intimate place a woman owns is in her mind, not her vagina, women are biologically and culturally conditioned to respond both emotionally and physically to certain behavioral characteristics in men, they are bombarded from the time they are born or even sooner with one tale of romantic fantasy after another.
Nature and socialization have conspired to create a creature that is more in touch with her inner reality than her physical reality.

Now for Madison, the fastest most powerful way for you to achieve amazing orgasms is simply to relax and create within your mind the most erotic fantasies you can come up with, be sure to include all of the emotions associated with those erotic sensations...
Here is the big difference between male erotic fantasies and female erotic fantasies...
Men's fantasies are most often dominated by the actual actions and physical sexual sensations contained in their fantasies.

Womens fantasies are "framed" within the context of the emotional components and meanings associated with those sexual acts. When you ask a women to describe a romantic/sexual fantasy more often than not she will describe certain emotions and feelings right along with the other erotic elements of the fantasy itself.

Guess which element she will place most emphasis on?
You Got it... Feelings and emotions... the sense of connection with her partners etc.
Men will simply describe the event like they are watching an instant replay on television... get it?
Guess which elements the average man puts the least emphasis on...
Right Again... Feelings/emotions.

Now if your a woman who is having a hard time reaching orgasm, the more vivid and compelling you can make you fantasy inside your mind, the more powerfully your body will respond to your own self touching and exploration as well as with an actual lover.
When you play, make sure to imagine the sensations that you are feeling as you actually physically explore and touch yourself, this has the power t magnify the sensations your feeling, take your time, fully immerse yourself in the moment and allow yourself to surrender to it completely... believe me, miracles can happen very quickly... can they not?

For men, when you can powerfully stimulate your womans internal fantasies and have them firing on all cyclinders, you have just created a sexually-supercharged, hyper-responsive, orgasmically-primed sexual atomic bomb!

The Forbidden Art of Sexual Trancing, is by far the most powerful and compelling element of what I teach, with it I can make any woman orgasm simply with a look, a gesture or the sound of my voice.
Its good to be the king!

Thats about all for today. Take what this newsletter has to teach you and start looking for ways to activate and stimulate your womans personal internal fantasies and you will quickly take your sexual and romantic life to levels that others can only dream of!
Ignore this powerful concept and you will more than likely fall victim to the other man who does know how to stimulate your womans internal fantasies... Fantasy is the leading cause of infidelity and cheating spouses! Surprising but True... perhaps I will explain that another time.

Think On This My Friends!

Until Next Time...
All The Best,
David Van ArrickYour Loyal Sex Coach.


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