The Secret To Having Great Orgasms Part Three:

Outstanding Sex Tips For Maximizing Female Orgasm In Minimum Time

...everything starts with Superior Foreplay Skills. Sometimes in the excitement leading up to sex, there is a tendency to reduce the time spent on foreplay or to skip it altogether.

Unless There Are Serious Time Constraints And Both Parties Agree, Foreplay Should Never Be Skipped!

In fact, good foreplay can and most often does lead to more powerful feelings of pleasure and more explosive, satisfying orgasms.

Here is a great secret orgasm tip: the key to sexual arousal can be summed up in two words "sexual tension' the more powerfully you build your partners sexual tension the more powerfully he or she will become sexually aroused.

If you are able to slightly tease each other and come close to orgasm without actually achieving one, your final orgasmic moment will be mind blowing. Teasing one another in the bedroom is playful and fun and creates a sexual build-up that can ultimatly result in an earth-shaking orgasm!

Sometimes the best way to learn how to have a better orgasm is to actually practice on your own.

This will involve taking the time to really get to know your own body and what sensations feel the best for you.

To do this, women may find that using a vibrator is helpful. A vibrator is a way of heightening your self-pleasure in a no pressure environment.

There are no set techniques to utilize a vibrator; the emphasis is on what feels good for you. The more you are able to achieve orgasm by yourself, the better able you will be to enjoy an orgasm with your partner.

For men, Simply changing your way of masturbating can help you to achieve a more powerful orgasm. In fact in my new course "Forever Man Method : How To Beat Premature Eajaculation and Have The Best Sex EVER!"

I give you step by step procedures for how to train yourself to prolong your ejaculation time and prepare you for Multiple Male Orgasms.

If your having a problem with Premature Ejaculation, or simply want a way to have sexual staming and last longer with your partner I highly recomend you check out The Forever Man Method: How To Beat Premature Ejaculation And Have The Best Sex EVER!

Last but not least gentlemen, When pleasuring your self, focus less on quickly finishing the task and instead, draw out the sensations. An orgasm becomes more powerful when your not dashing towards the finish line.

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The Secret To Have Great Orgasms: Outstanding Tips For Maximizing Female Orgasm In Minimum Time!